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Car accident? Not what you'd expect.

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Jewelry is often given to commemorate an occasion in someone's life or to mark a milestone in a relationship between two people. Even among these items that are meant to create a personal connection, some stand apart and bring about an intense attachment and fondness for the wearer. Usually, the jewelry with the most importance to a lady is her engagement ring or wedding set. Even a quick glance at her ring can bring back a flood of memories of the moment when he proposed, where they were, what he said, her first glimpse of the ring. That ring is on her hand every day and rarely comes off. It creates an intense emotional attachment. 

Daily wear can, however, take its toll on jewelry, especially items worn on the hand. It's not unusual to see worn or broken prongs on diamonds or shanks worn thin on the bottom. Those are straightforward repairs, but what happens when damage to a cherished piece of jewelry borders on the catastrophic? Let's say you are in your car and need to put hand lotion on. Not wanting to get lotion all in your rings, you take them off and place them in your lap. Forgetting to put them back on, you get out of your car and the rings hit the ground unnoticed and end up under a tire. Someone else hops in the car and backs out rolling over your wedding rings in the process! You walk by the window and see a shiny reflection coming from your driveway. Curious, you walk out to find your wedding rings crushed and looking like there is no way you will ever wear them again. 

Believe it or not, that is not an uncommon scenario. We see rings that have been run over, dropped in a running garbage disposal, or caught in a car door while on the hand just to name a few. That is when our jeweler steps in to work his magic. Bent and broken shanks can be straightened and soldered. Missing gallery wires can be replaced. Two ring sets can be re-aligned to fit together properly. He is often able to restore rings that are mangled, out of shape, or in pieces and get them back to looking almost new. As a matter of fact, he is so good at his craft that we have taken to calling him Harry Potter because some of his restorations seem like nothing short of magic. So, if you find yourself with a broken piece of jewelry that means the world to you but you think that it might be beyond repair, bring it in to us and let Harry take a look at it. It just might have a few more years of wear left in it after all.

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