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Custom Inspiration

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"Have It Your Way," is an iconic slogan from a popular fast food chain. That's a concept that might be easy to carry out when you order a burger, with limited options and instant feedback on the results, but what about designing a personal piece of jewelry that will be worn for a lifetime? How do you convey an idea born in your mind, then sketched on a piece of paper, and believe that in some back room somewhere a jeweler is going to magically produce THE future heirloom ring or pendant you see in your mind's eye? At Milano and R&N Jewelers we understand that it all starts with the initial conversation, one where our job is to listen, not to sell. Our experience creating thousands of custom jewelry pieces has taught us the importance of capturing the essence of your vision before starting the manufacturing process, but we take it another step and involve you at each stage. Using Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing programs we take away the uncertainty in making a piece of custom jewelry by involving you in each step of the process, from the 3 dimensional rendering to the carved wax model, so you are able to approve the design and truly have it your way. So if you've ever wished you could give your loved one, or yourself, a piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours, talk to us and get involved in the design process today.

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