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Top Three Causes of Jewelry Breakage


…Hint, Hint… It’s usually not the jewelry’s fault.

Now, we know you love your jewelry, and you shouldn’t be hiding it away- jewelry is meant to be enjoyed!

However, there are three things that most people do, that they don’t even realize can cause major damage to cherished pieces, like a beloved wedding band or vintage watch.

1.Sleeping in Your Jewelry:

Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong. Prongs that hold stones in place can get caught on sheets, causing bending. This increases the likelihood of a stone coming loose in its place and falling out. Necklace chains are also at huge risk, as hair tangling can put strain on the links, breaking them after months or years of repeated damage.

2.Wearing it to the Gym

(Or mowing the lawn, or playing tennis, etc). Any activity where you are lifting or pushing heavy objects will cause the back of a ring to flex. This can cause metal fatigue and thinning of the metal and with these comes breakage. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to protect your rings- pop on a silicone band to protect both your finger and your fine jewelry. (Our favorite is by Qalo).

3.Getting Dirty

We know what you’re thinking, “But I wear it ALL the time!” It’s fantastic to have pieces that you love and want to keep with you during your daily life. However, you need to be sure to clean your jewelry!

Dust (or dirt from your garden, sand from the beach), and oils (from skin, lotion, sunscreen) can combine to act like sandpaper, and slowly begin wearing away at the metal links in your bracelets and necklaces, or build up beneath rings and begin to wear them thin.

Thankfully, we offer free jewelry cleaning services, so you can bring your pieces in to get cleaned and checked to ensure there is no build up and you’re not at risk for stone loss.

As a reward for those who read this, the first 6 people who come in the store and can name these 3 reasons will get a free gift!

Remember diamonds are forever- but the metal holding them 

needs care and maintenance!

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