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68876-grp-w-a-10953a48-1d0f-4017-9cc8-5f6d97000690-standard-.tiffI’m sure that word makes you want to stop what you’re doing and take a nap... But WAIT! Don’t leave just yet, or you’ll miss out on the opportunity to be introduced to another great diamond shape!

Cushion diamonds were very popular in Edwardian England. They are not as brilliant as other cuts but in place of brilliance, they offer a very romantic look. How could you turn away romance? 

This shape sports rounded corners and large facets which make it appear like a lightly fluffed pillow. Ahhh...that nap idea is coming back.  

With its large face, it looks best as a solitaire. Depending on how you would like it, it can68876-grp-w-z-09ef8561-c480-45bf-a12c-f5b0b3bbd8ef-standard-.tiff be either square or rectangular. Like the Emerald, quality is important because its large facets highlight the clarity of the diamond. 

On the plus side, this diamond tends to rest closer to the hand which creates a more comfortable wear. This antique look is perfect for women who desire a ring that doesn’t look exactly like the ones their girlfriends have. It may also be great for the women out there who feel like they were born in the wrong century. If you often find yourself talking about 19th century England, you may want to consider a Cushion shaped diamond. 

Just don’t blame me when you start calling your fiance, “Mr. Darcy.” 



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