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fullcut-show-obj-metals-show-hei-640-wid-640-fmt-jpeg-xlarge-.tiffAs the name suggests, this shape was created because a jeweler cut a diamond in an emerald shape. Go figure? 

The main difference between the Emerald and other shapes is that it has a series of rectangular facets that make up its clear open table face. This step-cut style resembles a set of steps leading up to a greek parthenon. 

Emerald cut diamonds lack the brilliance and fire of Round diamonds but make up for it with their graceful long lines and dazzling flashes of light. 

The main thing to keep in mind when considering an Emerald cut diamond is that their open face easily exposes flaws. No blush, no cover up, its all there 68898-grp-w-a-fb58dfd0-d8f2-4426-b528-698ebfa608ce.jpegfor everyone to see. So, this requires you to make sure you have a higher clarity diamond. That way, you don’t need to worry about the make up. Your diamond can feel free to make its appearances ‘au naturale!’ 

Also, just a heads up, Emerald diamonds tend not to sit well on wide fingers. I know, I know, you can’t please everyone. But who wants a “one style fits all” diamond, anyway? With some patience and a good eye, you can find the diamond that is right for you! Just like a spouse, there is no “perfect” one out there, only the perfect one for you! ;)



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