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11412-1.tiffNumber two in the classic category, is the marquise diamond. Another name for it is navette, which is French for “little boat”. This diamond literally looks like a charming little  boat sailing around in all its vintage glory. King Louis XV of France is said to have created the first marquise-shaped diamond. It became most popular in 18th century France and just like the rest of French fashion, it has never gone out of style. 

Marquise diamonds have pointed ends on either side. Although it looks fine as a solitaire, it appears much more stunning when paired with trillion or pear shaped diamonds as side stones. Just like the oval shape, marquise has the fabulous quality of making the wearer’s hands look long and slender. 

screen-shot-2012-11-09-at-3.22.30-pm.pngThe elongated shape of this diamond creates the effect of a larger looking diamond without the additional carat weight. This means, if you have princess, emerald and marquise diamonds side-by-side, all weighing 1 carat, the marquise will appear the largest out of the three. This optical illusion creates an eye-catching diamond without breaking the bank! 

This shape is the perfect choice for the individual who desires the simple beauty of the classic diamond, with a unique vintage twist. (Who wants to be like everyone else anyway? ;D) 



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