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Round Brilliant


1989577119247-ac97-4720-b472-64c95e89ac07.tiffBelgian mathematician Marcel Tolkowsky is responsible for the improvements that have created

our modern idea of the Round Brilliant. In his 1919 PhD thesis, he intended to calculate

the maximum potential of brilliance and fire of a diamond. He concluded that a diamond cut too deep

or too shallow reduces its brilliance, fire and sparkle. 


Round Brilliant is the classic choice for most engagement rings. It is cut from octahedron-shaped

rough diamonds and looks beautiful as a solitaire (single stone) or combined with multiple jewels.

Resting closer to the hand, this diamond is less cumbersome to wear and is flattering to all types

of hands. Its flexibility in balancing color, fire and brilliance make it a perfect choice for any individual

looking for the well-rounded diamond.


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